Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Gotta stay warm & cozy!
So cute!

she looks so relaxed;)

Addi's first bath was so much fun! I know that it sounds crazy but she looked so small in that "big"tub. She loved it;) she looked so relaxed,she was pretty alert to!Her little eyes were darting back and forth. It was so funny cause when we were ready to rinse her hair with a cup Joel stepped right in showing me and mom how in the hospital, when him and the nurse were cleaning Addi's head, how they turned the water on lightly and stuck her head under! He showed us and she LOVED it!;)She was just so content laying there in his his arms! So cute!!

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ab said...

Oh my goodness - she looks so tiny! She is just darling though. I love how relaxed and content she is!