Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Gotta stay warm & cozy!
So cute!

she looks so relaxed;)

Addi's first bath was so much fun! I know that it sounds crazy but she looked so small in that "big"tub. She loved it;) she looked so relaxed,she was pretty alert to!Her little eyes were darting back and forth. It was so funny cause when we were ready to rinse her hair with a cup Joel stepped right in showing me and mom how in the hospital, when him and the nurse were cleaning Addi's head, how they turned the water on lightly and stuck her head under! He showed us and she LOVED it!;)She was just so content laying there in his his arms! So cute!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

School is going good, Addi is doing good, life is pretty good! Our life has gotten so much crazier since little Addi came into this world:) its crazy in a good way though! She is so cute;) I have so much fun holding her. She is like a little doll;) The other day , after we gave her a bath we forgot to brush her hair, after her nap, her hair seemed to have a little Mohawk:) It was so cute!!! We had so much fun trying bows on to see how they looked with her new "Doo". It actually turned out pretty cute,here are some pics;)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Member!

OK,sorry to anyone who has been checking this blog for the last 8 months or so, because, our life has gotten a little crazy!;) This is Mykell here. My mom is way busy because of our new member! Addison Grace Petersen! 7lbs. 13oz. 21 in. long. Its been crazy! She is the sweetest little thing. I'm not an only child any more!;) I'm so excited! She was born Oct. 12,2009, at 1:38 pm. Its so exciting! life has been so crazy! Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and I hear her little scream and I just feel so great cause I know she is here and I can thank God that he has given us this little bundle!:)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Crazy Life

So I've decided that our family lives a crazy life. We got back from a nice relaxing vacation, and have been running around with our heads cut off ever since!! I guess that's just the way it goes for us? We had a really busy weekend and this week hasn't slowed down either. I guess it's good, I could be bored...right? I don't know that doesn't sound so bad right now!
We've been really busy with Mykell and all of her school happenings. It's been fun seeing her excel in school. I'm just ready for a little break! In the month of January Mykell brought home an excellent report card for her second term. She took third place in the 5th grade spelling bee, and first place in the 5th grade science fair! And she starred in her school play. I guess I should say she was apart of the school play, but she was the star to me!! She makes me really proud... Here is Mykell standing in front of her Science fair project.
Grandma and Kell checking out the projects!
This is Mykell and one of her best friends. If you didn't notice they totally coordinated their outfits for the fair. Black shirts, black boots and head bands!! (I totally remember doing this when I was her age!!)
Mykell's school play was the Little Mermaid. I went there expecting to see Ariel and Sabastion and found it was quite different then Disney's version. It was still really cute. Mykell played a seasider. (that's her in the back row in the middle) She also played the part of an old grandma that was trying to win the prince with her riches. It was funny! You'll have to ask her to give you her best grandma voice the next time you see her. It's hilarious!
Here is part of Mykell's fan club! We celebrated a great performance at Wendy's!! (We didn't have much time between performances) But after the last show we went to Coldstone and had some yummy ice cream! And then as we were leaving a miracle happened. We were passing Crispy Creams and the light was on!! The light that means you can come in for a free doughnut. It was definitely a sign that we needed to stop:)
Mykell is an excellent little performer. She was sad when it was all over. Joel and I are afraid we might have a little drama queen on our hands!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


We just got back from Vegas. We had the best time. It was so hard to come back to real life. If only everyday could be a vacation.... We went to Las Vegas to see the Phantom of the Opera for Mykell's b-day present. It was really amazing we had the best seats. We sat in the first row. We were so close that at one point during the play I told Mykell I wanted to jump over the orchestra pit and tackle Raul! Kidding of course!! Joel and I were a little worried that Mykell wouldn't like the show as good as the movie, but we didn't have anything to worry about, she loved it!! And she still remains in love with the Phantom...
We left for our trip on Saturday and drove to St. George. We stayed at a hotel with an indoor pool, so Mykell and Joel could do some swimming. Isn't this the cutest picture of the two of them?
St. George was a lot warmer then Layton, but not warm enough for outdoor swimming! It was nice to be able to run out side and not have to wear a coat though. St. George has grown so much. I can't believe how busy and big it is getting. We went to my favorite place to eat, Chili's. It was crazy busy. Joel parked a mile away and the wait was 40 minutes. I didn't think we could wait that long, but a spot opened up in the bar and Mykell and I ran to grab it! I personally think that food is a big part of a vacation, we definitely had some good food during this vacation!!

On Sunday we drove into Las Vegas and went and saw Bride Wars. I thought it was pretty cute and quite funny. I would recommend it for adults. I was a little uncomfortable about a couple parts having Mykell there. But I really like Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson so it's hard not to like this one. This is definitely a chick flick. I am so glad that I don't have to drag Joel to these types of shows. He is a really good sport.

We stayed at the MGM in Vegas and had a really fun time. They have a really neat lion exhibit at the hotel. I tried to get a good picture, but had a rough time. The exhibit lets you look under the lions as well as all around them. I know this isn't the best picture but I wanted to show you this one because I swear this lion was staring me down through the glass. He was drinking some water and looking at me like I was his next meal!

Here's Joel and Kell at the exhibit
Me and Kell at the Rain Forest Cafe

On Monday we went to the M&M World Market. It's kind of a neat little place. (I shouldn't say little because it is huge) Joel and I couldn't believe how much M&M stuff they had. Seriously if you can think of any kind of souvenir ,they had it and it had an M&M on it. We tried really hard to try to find kid friendly things to do in Vegas. The M&M Market is definitely kid friendly. However, I think Mykell was feeling a little to mature for it... at least she thinks!!
Look at that face saying I'm way to cool for this!!
Look at Joel rubbing down this M&M's thigh!!

Later that afternoon we found a really cool arcade with millions of games, it was called GameWorks. We were like little kids running around playing games. Our favorite was a Harley Davidson game, I wish I would have gotten some pictures, because I'm sure we looked funny all lined up on our bikes racing!

That night we ate at the Grand Lux Cafe at the Venecian and went to the show. We had such a good time. Mykell is already planning her senior trip. She says that she and her friend Olivia are planning to go see thePhantom for graduation!!

Mykell eating her $20 burger!!

We had so much fun! It's hard to come back to real life:( But, I guess that's part of life. Vacations have to end! I feel really blessed to have been able to do this with Mykell. This is definitely a Birthday she will never forget.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

11 Years Old!

Today is Mykell's 11th Birthday!! I can't believe we have an 11 year old!! She's growing up so fast. It's terrible!! We celebrated Mykell's b-day last night by inviting all of our family over. We had pizza and a really yummy ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. We had 26 people in our little house! It was crazy, but fun!!

Joel and I decided to surprise Mykell with a ticket to go see the Phantom of the Opera for her Birthday. Mykell is the biggest fan of the Phantom. She listens to the CD on her I-pod all day, and when she's not listening she's watching the movie!! We thought taking her to see the play would be an experience she would never forget. So in two weeks we get to take a road trip to Vegas to go see the Phantom. I recorded her opening her present. It was pretty funny, I think she was in shock!

Mykell is truly blessed with a family that loves her. I think it's safe to say that it the Birthday celebration was a success.

Mykell we love you and hope you have a great Birthday. You truly are a blessing to your family!

Here is Kell opening up her Phantom Ticket

Happy Birthday Dear Mykell!! Happy Birthday to You!!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I can't believe that Christmas has come and gone and that it is already New Years Eve!! It's crazy how time flies.
We had a really nice Christmas. Joel and I both took the whole week of Christmas off. It was nice to spend the week together. We were able to do some fun stuff. We went skiing one day, that was really fun and made for some good laughs. Mykell is still learning, and lets just say while sking Mykell had quite a few falls,a broken pole, and she can tell you a really funny story about her losing her skis while getting on the lift!! We also saw a couple of movies. Marley and Me was my favorite, although after seeing the movie I can't get Joel or Mykell to stop looking at dogs on the internet. Poor Mykell is getting her hopes up, and it's not going to happen!! We also got to spend time with all of our families and I think we relaxed a little although I can't really remember that part.... But the most important part of the Christmas break was reflecting on the meaning of Chistmas. Christ's Birth!!
We hope that all of you had a Merry Christmas and we look forward to sharing the New Year with you!!
Here's Mykell telling Santa all she wants for Christmas is an I-pod!!

Mykell admiring her lime green I-pod

Look at this cute coat that I bought for Joel to give me on Christmas!! Doesn't it look nice with the pajama pants?

Doesn't Joel look so cute in his new shades?

Even Bella got a present!